Best Evidence Medical and Health Professional Education

Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine

BICC Contact Information

BICC leader: Sebastian R. Alston, M.D.

BICC member: Nicole Mitchell (MLIS, MA), Lisa Ennis (MS, MA), S. Dennis Baker (Ph.D), Jonathan Ray Brown (Ph.D.), John Giannini (M.D.)

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BICC Background

The Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine (ACOM) is an osteopathic medical school in Dothan, AL in the United States that accepted its first class in 2013.   Our BICC is composed of clinical, basic science, library, and faculty development faculty with many years of medical education experience located at the main campus.  Our BICC reports to the Research Committee and to our Dean’s Cabinet.   Our hope is that our BICC will expand in size and expertise as we start working of performing our own systematic reviews. 


Main areas of interest/expertise

Our BICC”s focus is on topics of interest to our College including the effectiveness/impact of osteopathic medical education, simulation in undergraduate medical education, and aspects of TBL (a developing and expanded ACOM interest.  Areas of expertise include faculty development (Baker), information/library (Mitchell/Ennis), clinical (Alston, Giannini), simulation (Giannini), basic science (Brown) and extensive experience in medical educaiton and related activities (all).  We are beginning a faculty development series on systematic reviews and related tools for the general ACOM faculty.

Contributions made to BEME

Our BICC conducted 2 reviews of (and worked on another) systematic review for BEME.   Dr. Alston has been able to participate in the prior 3 BEME meetings,  has participated in a BEME funding and financial strategy conference (by videoconferencing), has joined the BEME Education and Training Committee, and was designated as the Education and Training Committee’s representative to the Financial Committee. 


Our additional BEME members can also be utilized in BEME activities.  See above for areas of expertise.


Update and Information Reports

To follow.