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Tehran University of medical Sciences

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BICC Members: Dr. Mahboobeh K. Mafinejad,  Dr. Azim Mirzazadeh, Dr. Maryam Alizadeh, Dr. Mandana Shirazi, Dr. Rasoul Masoom

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BICC Background

Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) is the oldest and most prestigious medical university in Iran. As the “symbol of higher education”, as it has been named, TUMS has a leading role in the academia and serves as the pioneer in the field of education and research. About 1500 faculty members and 15000 students in undergraduate and postgraduate programs comprise the academic body of TUMS clustered in 15 different schools. Although Persian is the official language in Iran (as well as several other neighbouring countries), due to wide international collaborations, students and faculty members are competent in English language as well.

Education Development Center (EDC), in collaboration with Health Professions Education Research Center (HPERC), are the cordinators of TUMS BICC. They play an important role in supporting and conducting educational research projects throughout the TUMS.

EDC and HPERC aims at translating research findings into daily practice of faculty members who may not be in direct contact with the medical education literature.


Main areas of interest/expertise

Contributions made to BEME

TUMS BICC has completed a review entitled "The utility of mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise in undergraduate and postgraduate medical education: A BEME review: BEME Guide No. 59" 

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