Best Evidence Medical and Health Professional Education

Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston, USA

BICC Director: Mohan Pammi MD, PhD, MRCPCH, Associate Professor, Director of the Evidence Academy

BICC Co-director: Satid Thammasitboon MD, MHPE, Associate Professor, Director of the Center for Research, Innovation and Scholarship in Medical Education

Vice Chair of Education at Texas Children’s Hospital, Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education, Baylor College of Medicine: Teri Turner, MD, MPH, MEd, Professor 

BICC Members: Aarti Bavare, Aditi Gupta, Audrea Burns, Diane Nguyen, Elizabeth Elliott, Ganga Gokulakrishnan, Kim Little, Krithika Lingappan, Meghna Sebastian, Saul Flores, Siripoom Vudhipoom McKay, Sharada Gowda, Shweta Parmekar, Sruthi Thomas



BICC Background

Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH) is the largest free standing children’s hospital in the USA and is the primary pediatric teaching hospital for Baylor College of Medicine (BCM). Together, Texas Children’s and BCM also form one of the largest and most highly regarded pediatric training programs in the country, ranked number 4 nationally by U.S. News & World Report.

BICC-TCH is supported by the Center for Research, Innovation and Scholarship in Medical Education (CRIS)

Established in 2012, the Texas Children's Hospital Center for Research, Innovation and Scholarship is one of the first medical education centers in the nation in a freestanding children's hospital. CRIS fosters diverse opportunities for medical trainees and interprofessional faculty members to engage with larger medical education communities through diverse categories of scholarship.  CRIS supports communities of educators and scholars, such as Evidence Academy and BICC-TCH, and promote the pursuits of excellence in teaching, innovations and implementation of best practices in health professions education.

BICC-TCH is the Highlight of the Evidence Academy

Established 2019, the ‘Evidence Academy’ is one of the successful communities of scholars supported by CRIS.  The overarching goal is to form a community of practice comprising multi-disciplinary experts and scholars to develop, implement and evaluate effective educational methods for evidence-based medicine and evidence synthesis of clinical and educational practices serving a multi-disciplinary audience including medical trainees, faculty, advanced practice providers, nurses and respiratory therapists at Texas Children's Hospital, Baylor College of Medicine and beyond.

BICC-TCH Expertise

Clinical Reasoning, Community of Practice, Curriculum Development , Evidence-Based Medicine, Educational Design Research, Faculty Development, Global Health, Learning Technology, Physician Scientists Development , Programmatic Assessment, Program Development and Evaluation


Contributions made to BEME

  1. Conduct BEME reviews with core and other TCH faculty.
  2. Review protocols for the BEME collaboration
  3. Collaborate with BEME leadership to promote a culture of best evidence education amongst individuals and institutions in the region through dissemination of PASREV courses and webinars to educate health profession educators and scholars
  4. Current publications
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