Best Evidence Medical and Health Professional Education

University of California San Francisco and Georgetown University, USA

BICC Contact Information

BICC leaders: Arianne Teherani & Carrie Chen

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BICC Background

The University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and Georgetown University in Washington DC are partnered together to form a joint BICC, housed within the Center for Faculty Educators at UCSF and the Center for Innovation and Leadership in Education at Georgetown

The UCSF Center for Faculty Educators (CFE) combines the resources of both the Research and Development in Medical Education unit and the Academy of Medical Educators to support educational research and educational skills development for all UCSF faculty members. CFE is committed to promoting teaching and learning in medical education based on evidence and strives to develop educators and advance educational research using a scholarly approach.

The Georgetown Center for Innovation and Leadership in Education (CENTILE) is an interprofessional community of educators that drives innovation, excellence and scholarship in education at Georgetown University Medical Center.  Its programs support the ongoing professional development of Georgetown faculty members and includes the Teaching Academy which is dedicated to fostering educational excellence and scholarship in health sciences education.


Main areas of interest/expertise

  1. Faculty development
  2. Assessment: Specifically, in workplace-based assessments, entrustable professional activities, competency-based education, milestones, performance based assessments,
  3. Systems education: Including quality improvement, patient safety, cost conscious care with a focus on early learners,
  4. Interprofessional education: In particular simulation, workplace learning and feedback
  5. Educational equity and social justice
  6. Educational technology
  7. Professionalism and professional identity formation
  8. Workplace learning and clinical education in particular clerkship models (including longitudinal integrated clerkships), early clinical experiences, clinical teaching, clinical learning
  9. Peer assisted education
  10. Clinical reasoning and critical thinking
  11. Cognitive load theory
  12. Physician and learner well-being: Specifically, in mind-body medicine


Contributions made to BEME

In addition to its service to the UCSF and Georgetown communities, the UCSF-Georgetown BICC contributes to the greater medical education community through participation in the BEME and dissemination of evidence-informed teaching in the health professions. Our team is producing a BEME Review entitled Cognitive Load Theory in the workplace and implications for health professions education led by the UCSF CFE affiliated faculty and doctoral student, Justin Sewell. Prior to the joint venture with Georgetown, The UCSF BICC had been responsible for reviewing and adjudicating four BEME protocols.


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