Best Evidence Medical and Health Professional Education

Universidade Federal de São Paulo – UNIFESP – São Paulo – Brasil - BICC  

BICC Contact Information

BICC leader: Lia Bittencourt, M.D. , Ph.D., Professor 
BICC member: Stella Peccin, PT., Ph.D., Professor
E-mail: [email protected]  

BICC Background

UNIFESP became a new BICC in March of 2020


Main areas of interest/expertise

Contributions made to BEME

      UNIFESP – Brasil – BICC will support the move to best evidence medical and health professional education.

      Group meetings are undertaken twice a week to support and disseminate the culture of evidence-based teaching namely to


      1. Support researchers from Brasil and Latin America who wish to develop Systematic Reviews in Health Education;

      2. Develop  search competences of  the local group and BEME groups

      3. Promote two BEME workshops per semester  

      4. Promote one BEME seminar per year