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BICC Contact Information

BICC leader: Janet Corral, PhD
BICC member: TBC

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BICC Background

The University of Colorado BICC is housed within the Academy of Medical Educators, which is an organizational unit dedicated to creating an environment that promotes and rewards teaching excellence and enhances the education of our students, residents, fellows, faculty and community. The Academy of Medical Educators (AME) provides a robust offering of faculty development workshops, education scholarship support (small grants, personal research assistant, annual educational scholarship symposium), and longer faculty development certificates in teaching skills, educational scholarship and educational leadership. The AME was founded in 2009 and has been a BICC since 2014. It consists of over 70 members with broad expertise in medical education and health professions education research.

Main areas of interest/expertise

Because membership is broad within the University of Colorado AME, the interests and expertise are similarly broad and span all specialties within medicine, as well as physical therapy and physician assistant training. Specific areas of particular expertise in health professions education include:

Contributions made to BEME

Overview of the 2016 Activities of the University of Colorado BICC

In our second year of participation, the University of Colorado BICC’s contribution to the BEME Collaboration includes:

Promoting the Use of Systematic Reviews

In our second year, the University of Colorado BICC has:

Contributing To The Editorial Role And Function Of BEME Review Groups

Our editorial contributions fall under the previous format, where our BICC lead (Dr. Janet Corral) reviewed and provided feedback on BEME proposals and BICC recommendations to move BEME proposals forward. As of December 2016, Dr. Corral has completed two reviews for BEME.

Providing Mentorship And Support For Conducting New BEME Reviews

The University of Colorado is leading an international group (Australia, Canada, UK, USA, Japan) in completing a review for BEME regarding effective teaching skills in the clinical setting. In this capacity, we are mentoring a new scholar (Cason Pierce, University of Colorado) and extending our mentorship to supplement experienced scholars at other institutions in the collaboration.  The topic has received formal approval by BEME and appears on the topic registration page as “A Systematic Review of the Effectiveness of Educational Models and Teaching Strategies for Medical Trainees in the Clinical Setting (Pierce et al)”.

Participation in two core BEME Committees

Dr. Janet Corral has agreed to participate in the Review Committee and Dr. Eva Aagaard has agreed to participate in the Research Committee.  Both were present at the BEME board meetings held at the AMEE Meeting in August 2016. Dr. Aagaard has volunteered her leadership of the BEME fundraising committee, which will meet in early 2017.

Other information

On the AME website are several key resources including links to over 20 online modules for faculty development, our list of members, information about the various faculty development programs we offer, etc.

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