Best Evidence Medical and Health Professional Education


BEME Guide 58


Patient/service user involvement in medical education: A best evidence medical education (BEME) systematic review: BEME Guide No. 58

BEME Guide 59


The utility of mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise in undergraduate & postgraduate #MedEd: A BEME review: BEME Guide No. 59

BEME Grant Call


We are pleased to announce the 1st annual BEME grant call for a systematic review on a key theme of importance. Teams are invited to submit a title registration and a cover letter - Deadline 31.10.19

BEME Award


The winner of the first annual BEME award for the best systematic review in medical education

BEME Guide 53


Cognitive load theory for training health professionals in the workplace: A BEME review of studies among diverse professions: BEME Guide No. 53

BEME Guide 52


A Best Evidence Medical Education (BEME) systematic review of: What works best for health professions students using mobile (hand-held) devices for educational support on clinical placements? BEME Guide No. 52

BEME Guide 51


A Best Evidence in Medical Education systematic review to determine the most effective teaching methods that develop reflection in medical students: BEME Guide No. 51

A focussed BEME review


A focussed BEME review? Here are 12 tips…