Best Evidence Medical and Health Professional Education

Help for Review Groups

Guidelines for Review Groups undertaking a BEME Review

The BEME Collaboration welcomes approaches from groups interested in conducting a BEME review in a specific topic. These notes are provided to help familiarise prospective groups with the BEME review process and should be read alongside BEME Guide 13.

These guidelines are regularly updated to incorporate experience gained from reviews now under way and those already published. BEME welcomes feedback from review groups as to how the review process may be improved.

The BEME Collaboration is available to give advice and guidance to review groups throughout the course of the review, and can offer specialist help from the BEME Consultant. Groups already working are accumulating valuable experience which they are pleased to pass on to new groups. Please let us know if you would like to contact colleagues who have completed a BEME review.

The BEME website contains information on the BEME Collaboration, its structure and its activities to date. The site is regularly updated with a variety of information including progress made by the review groups and publications related to BEME reviews, the review process and other publications related to conducting and reporting secondary research.

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Additional resources

cover.jpg Twelve tips for undertaking a systematic review, 2002, Vol. 24, No. 4, Pages 358-363

pdf.jpgBEME Guidance paper: summer school students in BEME review groups, Anna Oswald, University of Alberta and Marilyn Hammick, BEME Consultant

pdf.jpgBest Evidence Medical Education Guidance Paper: Using Evidence to Inform Medical Education Practice and Policy