Best Evidence Medical and Health Professional Education

A critical review of cultural competence frameworks and models in medical and health professional education

Review Team

  • Dr Shuangyu Li, PhD, SFHEA (lead reviewer): Senior Lecturer in Clinical Communication and Cultural Competence. Dr Li is the inaugral chair of EACH Special Interest Group on Language and Cultural Discordance in Healthcare Communication and deputy chair of UK Diversity in Medicine and Health Group. At KCL, Dr Li is the academic lead forDevelopment, Diversity and Inclusion for Centres of Biosciences and Medicine, and academic lead for cultural competence in the medical programme. He is an experienced medical sociologist applying ethnography, interactional communication and analyses other qualitative research in inequality and diversity in healthcare. He will be the PI of this project, provide strategic leadership and substantially contribute to the conceptualisation, analysis and writing.
  • Dr Riya E George, MSc, PhD, CPsychol, SFHEA: Lecturer in Clinical Communication and Co-Chair of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee for the School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London. Dr George has several, senior, active roles within the Medical Schools Council, Health Education England and NHS England, Equality and Diversity committees, providing strategic direction in the development and implementation of diversity initiatives. Dr George is a Director of the Association of The Study of Medical Education and a National Committee Board Member for the UK Diversity in Medicine and Health Group, where she has key leadership roles that involve providing guidance on curriculum development and evaluation of diversity education in healthcare institutions. Dr George has published and been involved in several systematic reviews exploring the field of cultural competence and diversity education.
  • Dr Jia Liu, MSc, PhD: part-time research associate at King’s College London and lecturer at Dalian Maritime University. Dr Liu is a trained qualitative researcher and ethnographer. She is experienced in using a wide range of research methods, including participant observation, document review, interviews, focus groups, and surveys. Her research is highly interdisciplinary in the field of healthcare, education, and cultural studies. She is an active member of the UK Diversity in Medicine and Health Group. 

  • Dr Candan Ertubey, MSc, PhD, CPsychol, AFBPSsS, FEA & BABCP; Senior lecturer in the School of Psychology at the University of East London. She is an accredited cognitive behavioural therapist. Candan teaches a variety of subject areas related to her expertise in individual differences, cultural differences, counselling, and research methods. She is a member of International Association of Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP) and a number of other professional bodies specific to her specialism in cognitive behavioural therapy (BABCP), psychology (BPS) and psychometrics (ICT). She is a National Committee Board member for the UK Diversity in Medicine and Health group, and represents inter-professional education within the organisation. She is currently treasurer for this organisation. She is the third author of the AMEE guidelines (No.103) for teaching diversity in medical schools. Her expertise in modern psychometrics and cross-cultural psychology continues to be her main research interest.

  • Professor Peter Pype, MD, PhD. A general practitioner and a palliative care physician by training. He is working as a professor at the department of Public Health and Primary Care at Ghent University, Belgium. He leads the research unit of inter-professional collaboration in education and practice. He is responsible for the development and implementation of inter- professional education at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Ghent University. Professor Pype has previously been involved as supervising author in a BEME review (BEME guide no. 46) and has been involved in several systematic reviews.


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