Best Evidence Medical and Health Professional Education

BEME Spotlights

Authors should send a draft Spotlight to the BEME Consultant within four weeks of receiving notice that their review report has been approved as ready for publication. Spotlights are edited by the BEME Consultant before final approval by the lead author. When this process is complete the lead author should upload both manuscripts in Word format to Medical Teacher via Scholar One.

BEME Spotlights: proforma

Please provide the following key information (template) about your review using the following headings:

  1. Title: A Best Evidence Medical Education Systematic Review of ...
  2. Authors
  3. Review citation –this is the citation for the Medical Teacher web-based paper
  4. Review website – this is the URL that leads to your review on the BEME website
  5. Key words
  6. Background and context
  7. Review objectives / aim / questions
  8. Headline conclusion
  9. Implications for practice
  10. Overview of review methodology
  11. Overview of search strategy
  12. Overview of inclusion and exclusion criteria
  13. Overview of data extraction processes
  14. Overview of data analysis and synthesis