Best Evidence Medical and Health Professional Education

Registration of a topic/review question

Initial consultation with the BEME Consultant about the review topic/question may lead to the submission of a registration form. Following agreement, the work can proceed towards completion of a BEME protocol. The review question will then be registered exclusively to the Review Group for an initial period of one year.

Within four months, BEME expects to receive a draft protocol including a proposed timetable for completing the review. Guidance on writing the protocol and examples of other review protocols (select any Review in Progress to view the protocol) can be viewed online. If a Review Group does not submit a draft protocol within the first four months and is unable to demonstrate adequate progress with a registered review, the review topic may be released to another group.

If a prospective group expresses an interest in a topic already registered and on which a Review Group is actively working, the registered Review Group will be asked to discuss the topic with the proposed new group to see if collaboration is feasible. If collaboration is not appropriate the proposed group will be asked to consider resubmitting a review topic/question in a related or different area.