Best Evidence Medical and Health Professional Education

Updating the review

Reviews should normally be updated within three years of the date of the review. The Review Group will have first option of updating the review.

If the Review Group is unable to provide resources for an update, any other group may request permission from BEME to update the review.

Updating a BEME review

BEME considers it important that published reviews are kept up to date. This ensures that the results of newly-published primary studies in a topic area make an ongoing contribution to the evidence available.

We also recognise that the considerable time and effort by reviewers to complete their original review and suggest three types of updating:

  • A collection of significant papers on the review topic published since completion of the review.
  • A short supplement to the original review highlighting key developments in the topic area.
  • A second edition of the review, involving a major reworking and rewrite of the original and further peer review.

BEME expects the lead reviewer, in consultation with the review team, to make the decisions about when a review should be updated and what level of updating is appropriate. If an original review is not updated after some considerable time BEME reserves the right to remove from the website.

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