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Following Your BEME Review: Discussion Forum

BEME Review Groups are asked to maintain interest in their review and its designated page on the BEME website following publication.

Publication on the website provides the space for all the data from the review and the opportunity for post publication information. In this way the work becomes a ‘living’ review and associated work is also available to its readers. This is a vital part of BEME’s aim for review evidence to be translated into campus and clinical teaching and education policy. It is also important to provide up to date details of the literature of the review topic and to update the review taking this into account.

The list below suggests what your review group can contribute to your review’s section of the website after initial publication.

  1. An updated bibliography of papers relevant to the review topic (every six months);
  2. Lists of papers and conference proceedings authored by review group members related to the review topic (every three months);
  3. Copies of poster presentations related to the review (as they are available); and
  4. Translations of abstract and complete review (as soon as possible).

We also ask that you update your review within two years of its initial publication to take account of newly published studies. This prevents the review becoming a work of the past and retains its usefulness to practice and policy making. Instructions on how to update your review can be viewed in Updating the Review.

Support for this is available from the BEME Consultant who can be contacted at [email protected].

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